Beyond A Wholesome Discipline, Be Gentle With Yourself

Have you ever wondered why some people rub you up the wrong way? 

Customers, bosses, colleagues, and family who don’t always behave as you want.

Most people respect how they approach certain types of animals such as the lion, the wolf, a lamb, and an owl, but give little consideration as to how they approach certain types of people. And, we never get a second chance to make a first impression!

CLICK on each of the four primary personalities listed at the top of this page to see if you recognize yourself.

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So, What is Personality?

“... a combination of characteristics that form distinctive behaviour” and research reveals that each of us is more or less 'wired' by our 5th birthday. 

Though everyone possesses one of the four *primary personalities, anyone can learn to 'understand' each for the positive and negative qualities they present to the world. 

By conscientiously applying this understanding within your daily life, you will enjoy greater emotional and financial reward by accommodating people who behave just like you, as well as make appropriate adjustments toward those who behave differently to you.

*most people have a primary and a backup personality. Request Your Free Profile.