15. Feb, 2018

"A wise person never ever stops learning: a person of understanding will attain wise counsels"

Thanks to all who've been following T4TW No.172 from the start as I introduce you to people who predominantly put TASKS before people, and those who put PEOPLE before tasks.

If you have been actively applying these inter-personal insights at home, work and in business, you'll be enjoying more win/win relationships with all the associated benefits. 

Last week we looked at the two groups within the TASK Community. This week we'll look at the two groups within the PEOPLE Community (see above headings for an additional overview).  

We now know between 25-35% of the profiled population are TASK orientated, which leaves 65-75% who are PEOPLE orientated, meaning they are emotionally WARM. So be sure to defer business issues until you have got the social stuff established. 

To Establish A WARM Relationship You Must:

  • ask them about their story ~ work, rest and play
  • tell them something about you (not the business stuff, yet)
  • remain friendly, even cheery

Decisions, Decisions:

Though each is sincerely interested in YOUR story viz. the personal stuff about you, the WARM / TELLER predominantly likes to have FUN along the way, whilst the WARM / ASKER is predominantly SHY and needs reassurance that you really want to know about the people who are IMPORTANT to THEM

Remember, you must accommodate THEIR NEEDS first or they may disconnect from YOU.

The WARM / TELLER tends to be COLLABORATIVE so an effective strategy would be to offer ANECDOTES about those who have used your products or services. Keep things meaningful to them but LIGHT-HEARTED.

The WARM / ASKER tends to CAPITULATE when pressed rather than make outright decisions. Be prepared to HELP them 'decide'. 

Over the past 3-weeks, we've been looking at the 1st of 4 critical steps to establish a mutually beneficial relationship viz. RELATE.

Over the next few weeks, we shall look at the 2nd of the 4 critical steps viz. DISCOVER (& AGREE).

Thanks to everyone seeking greater insight so, keep your comments and questions coming.

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

8. Feb, 2018

Thanks to all who followed up last weeks T4TW, which introduced those personalities who put TASKS-before-people, and those who put PEOPLE-before-tasks.

Todays T4TW looks at the two groups of the TASK community. Next week we shall look at the two groups of the PEOPLE community.  

About 25-35% of the profiled population ~ which is now in the tens of millions ~ is TASK orientated, which means they are emotionally COOL

To Connect Quickly With Them, You Must:

  • stick to the purpose of the meeting
  • establish your competencies
  • focus on the facts

Decisions, Decisions:

Whilst each is interested in HOW you arrived at your proposition viz. the detail, the COOL / TELLERS is predominantly RESULTS driven, whilst COOL / ASKERS  is predominantly PROCESS driven! Your emphasis must accommodate THEIR WAY of doing things or they may disconnect from YOU.

The COOL / TELLER tends to be highly DECISIVE so offering a take-it-or-leave-it answer stands a 50/50 chance of failing. Better to discuss and agree positive ALTERNATIVES.

The COOL / ASKER tends to be ANALYTICAL and will want to explore all the evidence to a selection of CHOICES. 

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

T4TW PartIII will discuss the WARM players so, keep your comments and questions coming.

Unleash Everyone's True Potential

1. Feb, 2018

If you’ve heard of the *Direct Selling Association (DSA) you’ll know they calculate ratios of sales-effectiveness across trade associations in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

But, you may not know the average sales-effectiveness ratio with NEW Customers is a paltry 1:3? 

If your business adopts a 2-call process this means you obtain new business 1-in-9 (3x3) attempts so the average salesperson fails between 66-87.5% with NEW customers.

After decades of working with salespeople, man-managers, recruiters and trainers, I can tell you why!

If you’ve kept an eye on T4TWs over the years and popped into from time-to-time, you’ll know I totally subscribe to the view that to maximise everyday interaction, people are fundamentally identified as one of Four Primary Personalities (PP).

As a trained people-watcher you too will increase your ability to RELATE to each Primary Personality within 60-seconds of meeting them, and so multiply THEIR chances of getting along with YOU.

Beneficial Outcomes

  • If you are in business or selling, recruitment or training personality awareness is critical to your profit-line or productivity
  • If you are a teacher, a religious minister, or a presenter personality awareness will multiply your audience connectivity
  • If you are a doctor or a parent, patients and children will like themselves best when they are with you!


Between 25-35% of people put a TASK before the PEOPLE involved. They want to know you are competence before they want to be friendly. Two of the four PPs are within this category but don't make important decisions in the same way.

The remainder, between 65-75% of people put the PEOPLE involved before a TASK. They want you to get to know them ‘personally’ before they will want to know what you can do for them. The other two of the four PPs are within this category and once again they make decisions differently.

So, how does each PP actually make an important decision to act?

Tune in to T4TW173(ii) next week or if you can’t wait, give me a call on 07900 251 258


Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

24. Jan, 2018

BEWARE The Following Will Multiply The Productivity and Happiness of Your People ~ Only If You Act Upon It!

A while ago when enjoying a lunchtime conversation, a catering sales rep' entered the establishment to be warmly greeted by the restaurateur who exclaimed he was glad to see him.

Rather than ask what the restaurateur had on his mind, he launched straight into a product-pitch of his company’s best offers.

Minutes later he was still rabbiting on and the restaurateur had a glazed look on his face.

The Moral of The Story

It is always very expensive and a complete waste of time for people to jump into what they know BEFORE they establish the SOCIAL STYLE that makes someone feel comfortable.

AND there are 4-Primary Social Styles with 12-Back-up Styles to accommodate. ONLY then, DISCOVER & AGREE the concerns the customer wants to resolve.

THE Keys to Effective Mutual Outcome are:

  • First, *RELATE
  • Then, DISCOVER
  • Before you, ADVOCATE
  • And, SUPPORT

Choose Your Trainer Before you Choose Your Training!! Call me!

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

*social style is easily identified within 30-seconds of a meeting provided you know what to look for

17. Jan, 2018

If you work your career, job or business 100% of your set-apart hours, you will never unleash your full potential!

Ouch! How Come? 

Because everyone who obtains and remains accomplished Plans ‘La-La-Time”

La-La-Timers dream; La-La-Timers imagine what they will become; La-La-Timers think what they can do better, quicker, less-costly and in greater abundance; La-La-Timers believe in impossibility thinking.

  • Those who practice La-La-Time, enjoy higher emotional intelligence
  • Those who practice La-La-Time, feel good about themselves
  • Those who practice La-La-Time, leave a legacy for others to follow, to enjoy, and to inherit
  • Those who practice La-La-Time, teach others to do the same

The Alternative!

You’ll go from home-to-work and work-to-home five or six or even seven days a week; you’ll keep on doing the same old, same old for 10, 20, 40 years and then ... WHAM!  

You wake up one morning with two-thirds of your life behind you; the kids are gone; you have a mortgage-free home with a three-year-old car on the drive. And, you wonder what the heck happened!!

La-La-Timers Practice Intre-preneurship!

Intre-preneurs are ordinary people who set aside 20% (that’s one whole week-day each week) to read, to ponder, to imagine, to think, to research, to study and, dare I say, to pray about becoming!

·        It’s the employee who is organised enough to invest 20% of their work-time to ‘invent’

·        It’s the entrepreneur who is bold enough to invest 20% of their work-time to ‘imagine’

·        It’s everyone who produces 100% of their desired product in 80% of their set-aside work-time

If you are invariably maxed-out, emotionally exhausted, frustrated or anxious about the future; if you don’t plan time to explore possibilities with other Intre-preneurs, YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE!

So, keep doing what you’re doing OR learn how to become an INTRE-PRENEUR!

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Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!