WHO DO I THINK I AM? Primary Personality [pdf]

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Do you ever wonder why others don't see things as you do? Have you ever thought someone was too bossy, too excitable, too timid or too detailed? Though each of us is made up of the same star stuff, we habitually display ONE predominant personality. Understanding the behaviour of each of the four Primary Personalities allows you to accommodate everyone for a better outcome. Why leave important relationships to chance?


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USED UNDER LICENCE Too many people are expected to 'conform' to a stereotypical model of what management wants. For instance, all direct salespeople should be assertive and emotive. Yet 7-in-10 people do not respond well to this front-line behaviour, which is why some companies gain a dubious marketing reputation. Imagine the increased production when your salespeople present the way the customer can truly appreciate. Surely, income and happiness must multiply. MBL provides tactical perspective within career relationships for business leaders to more effectively select and manage High-Yield with Low Maintenance. It is used in conjunction with the Job/Self Description Questionnaire available on request.


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USED UNDER LICENCE Everyone does things for their own reasons, not anyone else's! Though someone may have the best CV ever seen, how will management truly know they will be motivated to keep working effectively? How will management know they are capable of rewarding their people the way they want to be rewarded? Without knowing and regularly reviewing personal motivating-values motivates people to seek an organisation that does.

WILL THEY? CAN THEY? ~ Recruitment [pdf]

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Being interviewed for any job-role should be pleasant for both candidate and recruiter whether the offer of engagement is extended or not. Will They Do It? Can They Do It? ... two critical questions that effective recruiters must fully satisfy. Yet, too many fail to fully answer the first question leaving their organisation vulnerable to constant and expensive recruiting simply to maintain disaffected staff. Without a clearly focused and highly effective programme of motivation and ability assessment, every company only hires more problems.


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Elections are rarely, if ever, won on the things that can be measured. They are won on the attitudes, feelings, and beliefs of the voters. Similarly, people buy based on their attitudes, their feelings, their desire to solve a problem great or small. Few people want to be 'sold', but are perfectly willing to 'buy', provided they have discovered and agreed they have a problem to resolve. Any business that exclusively competes on 'unique selling point' (USP) is ultimately missing the fundamental buying behaviour of their customer. Counsellor Selling enables the professional salesperson to collaborate on the customers beneficial journey of discovery. A journey that provides the best possible outcome for all involved.