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"Dear People Watchers, Thank you for signing our guest book."

28. Jun, 2021

Eric B

Understanding Primary Personality in face2face situations has kept more clients happy and multiplied my income, too. Thank you for your simple insights.

13. Mar, 2019

Peter R. Caprini

Most interestingly I appear to a Lion in Lamb's clothing :-)

Thank you John.


Website 23. May, 2018


Great blog

Website 3. Mar, 2018


Nice site and wish you great success.

Website 17. Oct, 2017


Great website ! :)

4. Aug, 2017


Well, what a difference? I now know how to work with the Lion!

Website 6. Dec, 2016

Heather Baker

Looks good!

23. Aug, 2016

Harry Rolfe

When I really understood my own personality, I finally understood how to relate to those people that I didn't understand before and made my communication with them much more pleasant.

19. Aug, 2016

John Grant

I wouldn't have believed it was so 'simple' to get on better with others. Incredulous!