19. Aug, 2016

What Is Empathy?

Empathy may be defined as, "The power of projecting ones personality into and so fully comprehending the object of contemplation"

As many as 9-out-of-10 of the people you meet will not have the same personality as you do!
The above definition is how a psychologist will describe EMPATHY or, making the effort to understand others. And, most people pay the price of getting it wrong far too often.
Have you ever wondered why your smart idea didn't win over hearts and minds? Or, why someone 'less talented' than you got that pay-rise? Or, why your teenage children have a hissy-fit or sulk when they don't get their own way? 
Empathy is THE vital ingredient in every human interaction, whether at work, in business or at home.
I feel confident in suggesting that the lost opportunity you encountered recently wasn't down to your lack of knowledge, but down to a difference in personality. That your idea probably made good sense, but that the other persons'personality needs' were just not being met. The way they arrive at decisions was not being accommodated, so they 'decided' to do nothing at all or worse, did the business with someone else! 
The good news is just about anyone can learn to empathize better: to understand what others are going through and that's what inter-personal skills coaching is all about and the dividends are high.
But, why should YOU? 
Anyone who says they don't want more meaningful relationships is being untrue to themselves; they are living a detached life that, if perpetuated, can only bring more failing and despair.
Learning to 'comprehend' personality doesn't happen overnight, but the emotional returns are extraordinary. You will gain more-for-less as you help others discover their own 'situational needs', and agree that they are responsible for changing things for the better.