8. Sep, 2016

Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication ... THE Critical Component To On-going Business Success!
Communication may be defined as ...  the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.
In today's accelerating business mania, it's tempting to assign more and more customer/client interface to 'bots (see link below).
Have you ever been directed by some animated voice to select option 1, then option 3, then option 5 before being returned to option 1 once more (Aaaaagh!)?
In Stephen R. Covey's celebrated book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People he states, "Hi-tech can never replace High-touch", yet increasing numbers of businesses are surrendering their reputation to 'robots'; search engines for instance, and unattended websites! 
Another of the top '5 failings in business' is poor email response especially when the customer/client is known to you.
Test your email skills with this quick 10-point inventory:
  1. Does your business enable in-box settings to lay-out/maintain a positive image including Privacy Statement andUNSUBSCRIBE Option? 
  2. Does your business enable auto-respond settings when a recipient is unavailable?
  3. Does your business routinely set-aside time every working day to 'manage' incoming email?
  4. Does your business respond to 'known-author' emails within 24 hours (using a 'holding reply' as necessary)?
  5. Does your business prioritise replies in order of commercial interest or business reputation?
  6. Does your business selectively copy all 'who need to know'?
  7. Does your business diarise a 72 hour 'chase' for those who do not respond to your email?
  8. Does your business keep your personal and business email accounts separate?
  9. Does your business professionally 'close-a-relationship' (rather than leave it dangling) with any sender you wish to suspend/defer communications with?
  10. Does your business use 'Primary Personality Awareness' to tailor the content of email-marketing?
For each 'No', you may be 'inadvertently' sabotaging your business reputation by a factor of up to 10%.
Imagine how your productivity could increase by mastering e-comm's?