30. Sep, 2016

Are You Weird?

If you’ve ever been called weird you're in good company!

When I resigned from an excellent situation with terrific prospects my friends thought I was brave, but a little weird.

They thought I was weird because I wanted more out of life than travelling to someone else’s place of work for 50 hours a week.

They thought I was weird because I wanted genuine purpose to my life and because I wanted freedom to develop my daft ideas even if I worked longer hours to build something that belonged to me.

I knew I didn't want to become another corporate drone doing something I wasn't passionate about for several decades, washed up on a beach somewhere watching time tick by on my presentation clock with my dreams still inside me.

I was the weird bloke who walked out in search for deeper meaning, which remains personal development and continuous learning. 

I’ve been called weird for setting aside routine time for self-improvement, for watching motivational speakers, for keeping a journal and for writing and coaching about understanding what makes people tick.

I am called weird for attending other people’s workshops, reading profound authors and for questioning my thinking and attitude to just about everything.

Playing a larger game isn’t weird! It only appears weird to those who have settled for less than they are worth. 

To the rest of the world, striving to become the best you can be in what you believe in doing is weird. For them 'settling-for' became a way of life: a steady income, a 3-bed semi, a newish car every couple years, two point two children at private school and Sunday dinner with the in-laws once a month.

This was their dream in their twenties because this is what their contemporaries dreamed of too. They realised that dream by 30. They settled into that dream in their 40’s and, now they watch time tick by for the next twenty or thirty years, and for what?  

People who step out of line to take chances become what they want to be are considered weird. They ridiculed and sneered at Billy Elliott who wanted to become a ballet dancer when he grew up. 

DON'T LET anything, DON'T LET anyone sway you from working at what you really want to become and taking those who are important to you along too!

Sometimes it will feel lonely. Sometimes you will feel afraid, but never, never, never, never give up who you truly want to become to settle for what others think you should be! 

There ARE people whose lives changed because they studied everything they could get their hands on about their chosen ‘career’ and did all sorts of daft things for the sake of “personal development.” 

If you ever find yourself thinking “What's it all about?” remember human nature is to grow, to get better, to progress.

It is UNNATURAL for a human being to stop IMAGINING!