18. Oct, 2016

No Deal!

Business is rarely lost nor relationships damaged when someone knows how to employ the inter-personal skills necessary to 'accommodate' how another person wants to be related to.
In Stephen R Covey's excellent book 'The 3rd Alternative', he explains Empathic Listening (pages 44 - 48 cites the 'The talking Stick' and is well worth a re/read).
In an article within the Journal of Philosophy published more than 100-years ago (1910) Ralph Barton Perry first coined the phrase Egocentric Predicament which defines those not able to view reality outside of our own perceptions. 
Someone who predominantly maintains an 'egocentricity' fails to 'connect' with others at home, work or play because they are either overly INDEPENDENT"my way or the highway", overly CO-DEPENDENT "lets feel down together", overly DEPENDENT "can you help me", or overly COUNTER-DEPENDENT "that won't work and I haven't got a clue either".
Whereas each 'dependency level' plays a part in the role of decision making, relying predominantly upon any single one is harmful to business, social or domestic relationships.
Those who won't take the time to learn how to seek out how people like themselve or those who differ from them want to behave must ultimately'pay the price of burn out' . 
Result, No Deal!