17. Nov, 2016

Clash of Personality

Do you agree ... More Business Is Lost Due To A Clash Of Personality Than Any Other Reason?

Bottom-line ~ 3-in-4 people multiply their income and happiness within their chosen field as a direct result of attending our rather special inter-personal skills workshop!  

People Say ~ This outstanding and enthusiastic event is highly acclaimed by those who experienced genuine surprise at the increase in positive outcomes with others at work, at rest and at play. Properly assimilated, this quarterly reinforced programme enhances lifestyle, enables greater career opportunity and engenders higher customer satisfaction ~ without the need of dubious ‘techniques' traditionally coached by others. 

Background ~ It was probably the Greek physician Hippocrates who first recorded the four primary personalities whilst observing his patients. Twenty-five hundred years ago he believed ‘behaviour’ was determined by our physical bodies. We know today, that primary personality is ‘imprinted’ on our sub-conscious minds through those around us when we are impressionably young.

John Geire, followed by JP Cleaver developed application of the mid-20th century Marston/Clarke model to enhance workplace relationships. My work in this field commenced in the early 80’s under the tutelage of JP Cleaver, since when I have continued to simplify these principles for the understanding of all users within a business, social or domestic environment. Hence, the introductory workshop.

To date, millions of people have been profiled as possessing one of the four predominant personalities. In the Western Hemisphere the demographics are: Cool/Teller = 10%, Cool/Askers = 20%, Warm/Tellers = 30%, and Warm/Askers = 40%. Statistically, therefore we each have a 60%-90% probability of not meeting someone like ourselves ~ the most likely root of loss of business.  

Your Introductory Workshop lasts 4-hours during which time you will understand the positives/negatives of your own primary personality ~ HOW you naturally do/don't do things ~ as well as your motivating values ~ WHY you circumstantially do/don't do things. You will take away immediately usable skills!

Why Bother ~ Most people rely on the cooperation of others for accomplishment. Without a genuine understanding of how someone truly wants to do things, it is far less likely you will sustain the rewards of a beneficial outcome without the use of rank/authority, which is never an effective, long-term relationship option. This is true in every home, as it is in every business or within every career.

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