22. Nov, 2016

Hubris vs Synergy

The ancient Greeks taught that hubris or extreme arrogance is THE worst crime! A crime that is the antithesis of Synergy. 
Synergy on the other hand, is a creative mindset and it is rare! A highly mature mental position that short-circuits conflict  and sparks 'genius'. 
It says let me stop thinking 'I know it all' and start collaborating with others who might know a thing or to, aswell. 
With a clean slate before 'us', let's discover what is possible! Einstein said, "Imagination Is Everything!"
Regrettably, synergy is not found in many British businesses, large or small [are you going to stop reading this article now because you think I'm having a go at you and how you do things?]. 
If you are reading on, ask yourself this question, "What was the outcome of my most recent serious disagreement?"
  • If you felt the person was being a bit of a prat (or worse) you succumbed to competitive or 1st Alternative Thinking!
  • If you disagreed without sincerity you submitted to capitulation or 2nd Alternative Thinking!
  • If you shut up and said, "You obviously feel strongly about this. I need to listen to you" you are very exceptional indeed and choose collaborative or 3rd Alternative, Synergistic Thinking!
Would You Believe It? In 2001, one of the largest, most trusted energy suppliers in America ceased trading due to the hubris/arrogance of its senior bosses. 
Would You believe It? Between 2007-09, a major British bank lost more than 93% of its value (£70 of its £75 billion!!!) due to the hubris/arrogance of its CEO. This was the biggest loss in British banking history. 
Both organizations had morphed into a culture where the boss was always right and no-one dared to argue otherwise. And, this scenario is being played out across the UK, even as I write, in businesses great and small!
It reminds me of Hans Christian Anderson's, The Kings New Clothes (*CLICK Danny Kay recording below). Everyone was so concerned about losing-their-head if they disagreed, they chose to live-the-lie.
Ask yourself, "Am I too busy to see the reality of my business potential?" "Do I suffer from hubris, too?" "Am I prepared to be synergistic?"