29. Nov, 2016

Will They Do It? Can They Do It?

If you run your own business or thinking of doing so, this article is just for you!
One doesn't have to be a philosopher to notice most people enter self-employment because they don't want a bossAnd some are content to make their own tea, cut their own sandwiches and hustle for their own business until they retire, which is OK!
Whether trading from business premises or through the global Internet, those who want something more recruit others to complement their work; increase profit, and plan a way out, with some value, when they choose to retire. And this is where your 'problems' begin; because people are people, are people! 
Everybody has their own reasons for doing something as well as their own way of doing it, and you ~ as a new boss ~ have to understand BOTH if you are to afford the time and money to reward and continue to train them to want to remain productive within your business.
Think about this statement, "All Businesses Recruit Their Problems!" 
Accepting that someone's 'problems' are worth recruiting is answered by two questions:
  • "Will They Do It?" ~ their motivation!
  • "Can They Do It?" ~ their behaviour!
But, most 'recruiters' ~ including so-called professional agencies ~ address these two questions backward. Notice "Will They" precedes "Can They"! 
  • Whats' the point of hiring the best 'qualified' person if they are not motivated to Go-To-Work? Or,
  • What's the point of hiring someone who is using your offer as a stop-gap to find something better? 
The outcome, in either case, is very expensive as you will pay three times: once to recruit them, twice to engage them, and three times to replace them.
So, before you get locked into recruiting the-world's-best-CV, first check out what *motivates someone, and remember, some of the most successful people were/are not motivated solely by money.
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"By small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise."
*Motivation changes as someone's personal reward is fulfilled or lost.