13. Dec, 2016

Personality Profiling That Works

On-line personality profiling is ineffectual for providing 'inter-personal' feedback unless it takes into account the 'interaction' between each profiled social style! 
Without a supervisors impression of what performance is required, any solo profile may be amusing, but has little/no value in helping people'effectively' work with and through others!
Many organisations fail to critically compare the desired' personal motivation and behaviour of someone within a role, with the required' organisational motivation and behaviour of a role.
Poorer Outcome ~ disaffected working relationships and frequent staff turnover!
We will ...
  • train your organisation to self-administer and plot the UETP personality profiling questionnaire
  • train your organisation to self-interpret a supervisors Job-description requirements with the person(s) to be supervised Self-description desires
  • issue your organisation with a license to freely use probably the most effective interpersonal skills awareness manual you'll ever need; BEST YOU: Mutually Beneficial Leadership  (see www.uetp2016.co.uk)
  • be available in support of your on-going Learning & Development needs as well as 1:2:1 guidance
You will ...
  • possess  the Motivating-Values, Job-description and Self-description instruments to use at will for recruiting, selecting and supervising purposes 
  • understand how to work to the behavioural strengths of others
  • recruit only those truly motivated to contribute to your organisational aims
  • enjoy increasing productivity because you will know how to effectively supervise people to work the way that suits them best
Richer Outcome ~ a satisfied and self-motivated workforce!
If you want to better understand what makes people tick, learn first to better understand yourself!
If you want to recruit those who will want to go to work with your firm, learn first what motivates others!
If you want to develop productive people, learn first how to support them the way they want to do things!
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