20. Dec, 2016

If You Didn't Need The Money, How Would You Pass Your Time?

I Just Love The Expression, "Ambitiously lazy"
Do you subscribe to the misguided philosophy of'Time Management'?

Mere mortals don't possess the superpower to manage time, yet each of us is capable of managing the things we do and the order in which we do them viz.'Task Management'.

How we each perceive the passage of time affects our personal productivity and our ability to maximize longer-term objectives. Did you know regular sleep is vital to optimal creativity and health (see below)?

The BELOW LINK takes you to 31 time-savers, to integrate within your planner, including relaxing and enjoying life. Here are just 6 of them...

  • Become Less Available ~ in an age of digital devices demanding instant feedback, you may be tempted to have your phone with you all of the time. Constantly checking text messages and emails actually, reduces productivity. Check your smart device three or four times a day and turn it off during meetings, having a meal with others, or by your bed.
  • Always Pick Up Something ~ when you notice something not being used and out of place at home or at the office, put it back where it belongs ready for the next time someone wants to use it. In the long-run, it takes less time to be an 'observant waiter' and results in a clear to-do space, too.
  • Schedule Sleep ~ if you don't schedule sleep, you'll probably have a poor night's rest. Be sure you sleep in a blacked out room with no live digital devices. The human body gets used to routine bedtime. Your body stays healthier and more productive when well rested.
  • Becoming Really, Really Good at What You Do ~  means practicing the essential tasks of your trade or profession every day, without exception. Line upon line; precept upon precept; here a little and there a little all adds up. The better you are at doing something, the less time you'll take doing it.
  • Politely Say 'No' More Often ~ you may feel striving to keep everyone happy is a good practice, but in the end, saying "yes" to everyone means saying "no" to yourself. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
  • Make Good Use Of Down Time ~ occasionally when brushing your teeth, bathing, commuting, cooking, waiting to pick up the children or any other activity during which your brain is free, but your body isn't, consider playing a podcast, listening to an audiobook or a favoured key-note speaker; even listen to a recording of yourself reading something of interest. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers work in the bathroom, and a waterproof headset works in the pool.
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