11. Jan, 2017

No One Likes To Be Sold To!

Selling' literally means doing something 'to' somebody rather than 'for' or 'with' somebody!
Consumer research confirms, more than ever before, 'sales' is perceived as a 'fear-based' relationship. People fear they will be 'sold' something they don't want, and the salesperson fears failure! Remember how you felt when you walked into a departmental store or met with a salesperson?
The experience is stressful and unproductive yet, every business needs customers who want to buy from them or they might as well shut up shop. If your business is content to compete solely on price, the 'Hi-tech' Internet may help, but it will never replace a 'Hi-touch' service [Google Diffusion of Innovations]
So, how does a business remove selling from the process of attracting new customers?
By training people to sincerely comprehend and accommodate human behaviour, the personality of those a business wishes to serve.
Think of a partially filled glass of water:
  • why do some say it's half empty
  • why do some say it's half full
  • why do some say it's the wrong size and
  • why do some say they don't care
None are wrong; all are right from their own perspective!
But if your people approach a 'half-empty' person with a 'half-full' attitude, there is bound to be a clash in personality ~ from the outset!
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