18. Jan, 2017

Resistance Is Useless!

These are the immortal words of the Vogon from 'Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy' [see link below]
"Those who know what's physically wrong with themselves and who take appropriate care tend to live longer than those who ignore weaknesses." These are the profound words of an old Chinese saying that equally applies to every working endeavour. 
By contrast, Thomas 'Bert' Lance (1931-2013) who served in The Office of Management and Budget under the 39th US President, Jimmy Carter, coined the famous expression, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
Both philosophies can't be correct!
Take your motor car for example: if you routinely service and maintenance it, it's more likely to remain fit for purpose than if you assume all is well and carry on driving it because it "ain't broke"?
Much like any mechanical or electrical system, people-at-work, and especially the self-employed, require routine 'maintenance check-ups' or how will they know something is about to fail, maybe catastrophically?
Business history is littered with firms, large and small, who subscribed to the misguided syndrome, if it ain't broke! 
I know a financially successful salesperson who is proud to drive a top of the range luxury car that flaunts his success and who enjoys a three-day working week. 
He relaxes in the lifestyle that his income buys. 
He has no boss.
He works by himself, for himself. 
His dream of building something of value by imparting his undoubted high skills to others who would then duplicate his efforts failed to meet with success. 
Everyone he tried to 'develop' came and went because he would not let go and engage suitable professionals to select, train and manage them. 
He wanted to do everything himself. 
If he went to work, he didn't have time to develop his people! 
If he spent time developing his people, he lost income because he couldn't go to work!
So, he settled for the inevitable self-employed 'restricter' of high personal income Denying The Necessity Of Answering These Basic 'Maintenance' Questions:
  • What happens when I'm unable to work?
  • What happens when my principle business sources dry up?
  • What happens if someone offers my clients something they can't refuse?
  • What is the maximum number of clients one person can look after?
  • What is my exit strategy?
He is living the maxim 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' and, just like his vehicle not receiving its proper servicing, he's raised his probability of something going bang!
You may be performing at the top of your game. 
You may have high, personal income. 
But every routine career health-check you miss exponentially increases your risk of that unexpected dis-ease.
It takes an hour or two to undertake an impartial career health check. Call 07900 251 258 Now!