26. Jan, 2017

Never Let Anyone Discourage You

It's human nature for people to want to grow and learn, to become better tomorrow than they are today. 

So why is change so hard to do? 

If 'becoming' is vital to improvement, how can you reach your more lofty goals when you too often fall short of your modest ones?

Four KEY Questions ...

1) Council 4 Direction ~ when making plans, do you sometimes forget to routinely include those who are most important in your life? Rather than separating family goals from career goal's, the former is motivation for the latter. Families know your blind spots better than anyone else. If you don't involve your life-partner and older children, don't be surprised when they want something you thought was unimportant, or view something you thought was important but actually isn’t ~ to them. 

 Family inspires you to consider directions that you may have overlooked, but that lead to the most joy for all.

2) Think Small sometimes you are required to take a dramatic leap of faith, but more often small hop's move you forward the fastest. Small, planned adjustments give your mind time to adapt to better habits. The result is greater balance in your life. Remember from incremental steps great things are accomplished; Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

Be patient and remember the wisdom of one-step-at-a-time.

3) Time 2 Reflect ~ “Set it and forget it” works ok with kitchen appliances, the alarm clock, and online bill payments, but it’s a lousy approach to your goals. Regular self-checks ensure you continue to move in the 'best' direction for you and those you care about the most and provides the opportunity to redirect efforts before any harm is done. Each day ask yourself, “How am I doing?”

In addition to regular 'family council’, a business buddy to bounce ideas off, can work wonders.

4) Keep On Swimming ~ one of humankind's greatest attributes is 'persistence'; the joy that comes from having a go again and again until you get the result you want. Yet, the natural British culture is appalling at recognizing 'failing' as a part of succeeding. Never let discouragement get the better of you when at first you don't succeed... 

Keep on going. Keep on pushing. Keep on trying.

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