14. Feb, 2017

Getting Your Goat

No-one Can Get Your Goat Unless You Show Them Where It's Tethered!
A dictionary defines "Getting your goat" as 'one who has been annoyed or made angry by another'.
The expression is thought to come from the tradition in horse-racing of putting a placid goat in the stall of a thoroughbred to calm him the night before a race.
But, unlike horses, you and I actually 'consent' to someone rubbing us up the wrong way! 
'Consent' means to agree to something; ergo, you and I agree to someone else annoying us, so why do we do it?
Unlike animals, you are in charge of youSo, the next time you start to feel you are getting a tad annoyed by someone, remember, it isn't the other person doing it to you, IT'S YOU DOING IT TO YOURSELF!
Try any/all of these responses when someone is being 'unnecessary' ...
1. Politely smile
2. Thank them for their frankness
3. Exclaim, "I hope I haven't done something to upset you?"
4. Offer a handshake
5. Say absolutely nothing
Complicated is Easy! Simple is Hard!