2. Mar, 2017

What Is Wisdom?

It's been said that COURAGE is changing the things that you can change. GRACE is accepting the things you cannot change. And WISDOM is to know the difference!

But, there is more than one kind of wisdom:

  • Outer wisdom is the wisdom of how things work and so cannot change anything; it reveals the physical and drives science
  • Inner wisdom is the wisdom of what things are and so has the power to change everything; it reveals the metaphysical and drives self-enlightenment

For example, everyone can see what *electricity does, but the brightest brains who have yet lived cannot define what electricity is; the same goes for heat, light and other radiation, sound, magnetism, and the structure of atoms.

Western universities notoriously focus on the HOW OF THINGS. Even the most celebrated British and American halls of learning claim to teach us how to THINK, but actually, teach us how to 'think the how of things'. With probably one exception, theological colleges attempt the latter but apply the former, with most graduates arguing religion from the perspective of 'how it works' rather than allowing their inner wisdom to engage in discovering 'what scriptures are'.

And, so it is with virtually every educator of virtually every subject, including business schools! 

If you've read this article thus far and are content to stop at learning 'how things work', go buy a book on Fabulous Selling Techniques or The Handier Household Help or something!

If on the other hand, you are compelled to find out 'what makes people tick', including yourself, we need to short telephone conversation!

The wisdom to know the difference!
Complicated is Easy! Simple is Hard!