14. Mar, 2017

Be Gentle With Yourself!

Do you sense time passes quicker when you're busy than when you’re bored? Research reveals the potential for depression is when we feel time continually passes slowly.

This is because we have difficulty entering into a state of consciousness known as “flow” i.e. the inability to focus on the single TASK that needs to be performed ~ now!

To the contrary, when we are immersed in our own 'flow', time seems to compress. This is because virtually all our brain is devoted to the activity at hand. This is when we seem to lose track of time.

Almost everyone experiences running out of time now and then, as well as periods when time drags, but unless YOU remain aware of how to focus on the TASK you have to do right now, you could end up becoming depressed or over anxious and compromising your health.

Two Incredibly Simple Tips Most People Ignore ...

1. Planner ~ Write every task for every day into a planner allocating sufficient time to complete it you now only have to remember ONE thing ~ look at your planner when you've completed that task. This practice frees your mind to focus on one task; to enter into your flow. 

2. Mindfulness means separating emotion from thought! When you repeatedly don't do this, you'll get emotionally low and hours and days seem to blur. Mindfulness can be practised at any moment by taking two or three deep breaths, releasing each slowly and saying to yourself, 'relax'.

See Dr Mercola's Excellent Article: http://everlast.mercola.com/r/?id=h7120bbd2,1114209d,116d2ab7&et_cid=DM134449&et_rid=1897970642

Complicated is Easy! Simple is Hard! 

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