24. Mar, 2017

Before You Recruit One More Person, read this ...

Do you use a Recruiting Agency that offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

The PROBLEM with Traditional Recruitment

Over the past 2-years, UETP has researched a number of leading 'Recruiters' working within the UK marketplace and one thing has become abundantly clear. Each predominantly relies on computer algorithms to assess CV/Resumes; in short, Hi-Tech has replaced High-Touch and motivated people are being missed.

What's wrong with that, you may ask? Well, a list of jobs, salaries and skills simply assesses what someone is capable of doing, therefore addresses only the question, "Can They Do It?". Which begs the question, if capability alone is so crucial to engagement, why doesn't everyone considered 'capable' always perform as expected? The answer is that algorithm centred recruitment fails to satisfy THE most fundamental question, "Will They Do It?" ~ motivation! 

Note: Most face2face recruitment agents are not able/willing to assess 'motivation'. 

Our SOLUTION ~ Select b4 Recruit

Think of it this way: employees, and self-employed associates, who consistently work to the highest levels of productivity love what they do! Such depth of passion has little to do with one's CAPABILITY (Can They?) and everything to do with one's MOTIVATION (Will They?)!

The UETP Difference!

Assuming base requirements are a given, UETP assesses every candidate's "Will They?" as well as "Can They?". Then, coupled with personality profiling to ensure an appropriate 'fit' with the way you want things done, we put forward only the closest matched candidate(s) resulting in 3-key advantages to you:

  1. You know in advance of your initial interview that the candidate WILL respond favourably to the rewards and incentives of your opportunity
  2. You know in advance you will spend less TIME/MONEY interviewing fewer, best-matched candidate's
  3. You know in advance you will APPOINT quicker and, with reasonable expectation, that the appointee will settle in AND start to perform faster

Absolutely Nothing To Lose

So confident are we of our unique Sb4R Process, we put our money on it. Should the incumbent we place within your organisation fail to perform to at least expectation within the first 3-months of appointment, we shall return our fee without argument, even if you decide to keep them on.

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