4. Apr, 2017

Are You Guilty Of Persecution?

WOW! What a question! NOW, READ ON ...

Most of us rarely encounter the kind of persecution we read or hear about in the news, but we may be guilty of losing self-control and tipping ourselves over the edge if we're not careful.

Dictionary Words that describe 'Persecution' include hostility, ill-treatmentoppressingvictimisingdiscriminating, persistent annoyance or harassment.


Did you know rudenessnagging, disobedience; persistent lateness, disagreeing disagreeably; persistently letting people down are all forms of 'persecution', too? 

How often have you done any of these things lately? 

The above 'emotional outcomes,' and more besides, can be present when we are tired, a little run-down, or just plain in a hurry. On these occasions, our first impulse might be to RE-ACT with an outburst of annoyance or anger; even to fight back!

Your Choice ...

1) I Feel, Don't Think, and RE-ACT. Or, 

2) I Feel, Think It Through For A Moment, then ACT appropriately

Stephen R. Covey talks about 'The 3rd Alternative' in his book of the same name; that most people believe there are only two responses to an antagonistic situation: square up (FIGHT) or back down (FLIGHT)!

But Stephen offers the 3rd Alternative by learning to stop thinking like a victim and to encourage everyone to be part of the solution rather than remain part of the problem.

Is this easy? Take a look at most newsreels today and even I have to agree that it isn't! 

It takes desire, patience and constant practice but is truly an acquirable skill to apply at home, at work, in business and in the world.

Self-enlightenment Exercises That Reduce the Probability of a Re-Action:

1. Hold A Breathe And Silently Count Backwards From Ten To Zero 

2. Dwell For A Moment In Your Mind Within A Favourite Place

3. Imagine Yourself In The Shoes Of The Other Person

4. Say A Silent Prayer

5. Think Of Someone's Actual Heart Pumping In Their Chest 

Learning to deflect *contention by controlling your emotions demands deep and persistent concentration, but you will be astounded how you will become THE positive force for good and how more and more outcomes will be mutually rewarding [*heated argument].

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Complicated is Easy! Simple is Hard!