11. Apr, 2017

Before You Recruit Another Person, Read This ...

Motivation is MORE Important than Capability to Perform!

Recruiting is easy, right? After all, the majority of those you've ever recruited, for whatever role, performed to expectation, was loyal to your firm, turned in the required results on time, viewed their position with you as a long-term 'career' and that's why they're all still with you! 

Do I hear you say, "If only?" 

Since the turn of the millennium, ongoing research into recruiting firms large and small consistently reveals that Hi-Tech has replaced High-Touch!

POINT 1. What Was Once a People-centered Activity is Exclusively Driven by Computer Algorithms! 

To reinforce this observation, one major recruitment agency blatantly advertises they receive 15,000 resumes every week! Now how is it possible to appropriately assess the true potential of one human being every working minute, let alone six every minute?

When asking that question, I found out that someone's CV content actually doesn't matter as a 'paid-for' CV Writing Service will rewrite the text to fit any particular job situation. Isn't that cheating I thought? The answer was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid; as long as the client sees what they want to see, it doesn't matter!! Now that's got to be wrong!

POINT 2. Capability is NEVER the First Consideration in Recruitment!

CVs/Resumes ONLY capture someone's capability, NEVER their motivation!

How many times have you engaged 'suitable talent' only to discover they didn't actually perform as expected or didn't hang around long enough to give you a return on your investment? What you witnessed was someone's 'MOTIVATION' (or lack of it), THE KEY TO ONGOING PERFORMANCE!

When next interviewing, forget about whether someone is CAPABLE of doing what you want done ~ at least for the first half of the interview. Focus exclusively on what MOTIVATES them, comparing their desires with the rewards offered by your opportunity.

And, don't assume simply listening to someone telling you what they think you want to hear will uncover their true motive for action any more than a fudged resume does.

POINT 3. Job Rewards Must FIRST Be Identified By The Employer

Did you know humans have six polarised motivators? Without your own impression of what your job offers as a reward, how will you know whether a candidate's individual 'motivators' are in harmony with your job opportunity?

If this makes sense, email john.uetp@gmail.com for an introduction to probably the most effective recruiting process in the world! 

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!