19. Apr, 2017

Are You Really, Truly, Madly Passionate About What You Do?

Do the maths: deduct all your sleep time (1/3rd of your life) plus your education time (up to 20 years of your life), and you'll have about half your life (35 years o/o three score and ten) to do something with it!

So not doing something you have a real passion about during those 35-years is a bit of a bummer! 

If your life is essentially home2work; work2home; three evenings down the gym; sitting in front of the big screen tele; Friday nights down the pub, Saturdays playing with the kids, or knocking the garden into shape, then down the pub, you gotta read on ...

You know what I love about what I do? Every single day I get to inspire people to do things that inspire's them. It's the most wonderful experience watching someone unleash the true potential that had laid dormant within them simply because they didn't know how to release it.

They discover their 'WHY', which changes everything they do; in fact, the fun part is working with them to figure out all the different ways they could do it. 

Check Out Who You Are by reading each of the four primary personality traits at the top of this page. Then call me to arrange a free Introductory Workshop to unleash everyone's true potential.  

WARNING: settling for paying a mortgage and sending the kids to private school can be hazardous to your wellbeing. 

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!