17. May, 2017

Don't Confuse Me With The Facts, My Minds Made Up!

All Of Us Are Judged On Our Choices, Not Our Abilities!

  • Hope is the desire for a particular outcome
  • Decision is the outcome of a commitment to do/not to do something
Whilst 'Hope' always precedes every decision, it requires no action in and of itself. Every 'Decision', however, follows hopefulness and requires specific action ~ even if it is to do nothing at all.
Decision-making, therefore, produces a single-outcome, which may lead to another decision, and may or may not prompt an uncomfortable feeling at first.
It sounds obvious but it is not uncommon that poor decisions are made when failing to seek relevant understanding and/or experience to then apply our natural senses: *"Don't Confuse Me With The Facts!"
A good check & balance in all decision-making is to question our motives by answering three simple questions ...
  1. Am I being self-centered, or am I including the interests of my family, clients, bosses or colleagues in the decision I am about to make?
  2. Is my decision honourable in every respect? 
  3. Have I considered the impact of my decision on everyone involved?

Remember, if you don't make your own decisions, don't be surprised if someone else makes them for you ~ for your good or otherwise!

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

[for an excellent insight into righteous decision-making see, "Making Righteous Choices at the Crossroads of Life"]

*"Don’t confuse me with the facts" was spoken by senator Earl Fredrick Landgrebe (1916-1986) during the Watergate Investigations of US President Richard Nixon during the early-mid 70s.