24. May, 2017

I Like Me Best When I'm With You!

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, you talk to his head. If you talk to a man in HIS language, you talk to his heart". Nelson Mandella

Most people naturally attract a circle of friends and acquaintances and research reveals most of those attracted to you are just like you.

Have you ever wondered why that is? Why you get on better with some 'types' but 'other types' rub you up the wrong way? Or maybe why you upset/annoy others without really meaning to?

If you think about it, the Primary Personality you habitually display plays a large part in determining the size of your social group. In business, most of you naturally 'connect' to about 1:3 other people suggesting as much as 70% of your effort to win customers/ clients/friendships could be unfruitful. 

This isn't because you don't want to do a good job for those people who want for a better business or personal life but because you don't know where their 'heart' is; the way they want you to conduct yourself with them; their personality preferences.

Take a look at each of the four personalities listed on the page heading: Cool/Tellers represent about 10% of the western population Cool/Askers about 20%; Warm/Tellers 30%; and, Warm/Askers 40%. Depending on your primary personality a negative response to your approach could be as high as 9-out-of-10 people.

I'd hazard a professional guess that, if you are in a profession, business or selling, most of your clients/customers are attracted to you because you are just like them. QED ~ what about the lost potential?

Imagine the multiplication in your productivity and your work satisfaction when you attracted most/all of the other personalities too.

But don't just take my word for it! 

Why not invite me to present a half-day workshop to you/your team, without charge, and you'll be the judge of where you want to take this incredibly empathic material from there.