13. Jun, 2017

Selection B4 Recruitment Is Critical!

If you are an employer, have you ever wondered why good people leave you, and maybe, why the not so good ones remain?
If you are an employee, have you ever left a job that truly rewarded you?
If someone's CV/Resume is excellent why don't they stay?
  • Could it be they became bored (or even scared) with what was wanted of them?
  • Could it be they used the work opportunity as a 'stop-gap' until something better came along?
People do things (and keep doing things) for their own reasons and that means they gain a 'reward' for doing it, or leave to find it. 
Ongoing high-performance is driven by a combination of six primary human motivators, each polarised, which changes as they become satisfied.
If you recruit before you select, if you do not identify and stay in contact with someone's 'hot-buttons', don't be surprised if you have a high staff turnover.
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