21. Jun, 2017

Why We Need S T R E S S !

Everyone needs some STRESS to perform anything well, whether it is at work (including professional sport), or at play!

The KEY to ongoing health and wellbeing, however, is to obtain the correct level of stress to keep you focused, on track and enthusiastically engaged in whatever you want/need to do.

Too little stress ~ and you'll ‘implode’; you'll achieve little and suffer a kind of emotional shutdown. You'll literally rustout as you sit in a puddle-of-tears, waiting for someone or something to make THE change to your life. You'll live day-to-day dreaming of what could be, feeling lethargic and alone most of the time. You'll avoid making decisions and may develop a fault-finding attitude.

Too much stress ~ and you'll ‘explode’. Like a vehicle colliding with a wall at speed, you'll suffer high-impact damage. You'll literally burnout as you feel emotionally and physically crushed. You'll lose perspective and disconnect from those career tasks and the people that should matter the most to you. You'll avoid situations that were previously considered normal to you.  

WARNINGThough seeking appropriately qualified support may be necessary, popping pills is never a long-term answer!

Taking Control ...

To avoid rustout/burnout, stay in touch with 4 key areas of your life:

1. Your Thinking ~ what you think is truly what you'll get! All motive-for-action begins with your thoughts, which is founded on your personal values system. "What motivates you right now, and for the foreseeable future?"

2. Your Important Relationships ~ Knowing yourself, knowing others! More than any other reason, relationships that fail at outset or subsequently breakdown is due to a clash of personality [see each primary personality listed at the top of this page]

3. Your Spirit ~ no other success can compensate for failure in the family!"What epitaph would you want to be written on your gravestone?"

4. Your Physical Fitness ~ is not bankable! Appropriate exercise maintains body strength & balance and is THE principle antidote for depression, anxiety, aches and pains.

Each day, these key areas need actively managing and nourishing. It is just as important to schedule rest time and playtime within your planner as it is to schedule your working life.

Do let me have your thoughts. 

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!