7. Jul, 2017

Common Conversation Killers

Unless you really, really want to be insensitive or offensive, avoid repeated use of the following words ...

1.    Oh, really ~ putting “Oh” in front of “Really” comes across as argumentative ~ use if you want to disenfranchise yourself.

2.    Awesome / Cool / Great / Super ~ these simple words terminate a conversation ~ if you want to stifle dialogue, use any of them.

3.    Yes, I ~ precedes interruption and says you're not really listening ~ you'll appear self-centered.

4.    Ummm ~ transmits you are about to make something up ~ use if you want to be thought of as lacking integrity.

5.    Actually ~ is patronising ~ replace it with “What I meant to say is ...”.

6.    Yes but ~ implies the other person is ignorant ~ that you know more than they.

How did you do?

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!