12. Jul, 2017

Are You Awesome?

Yes, You Are Awesome!

BUT, because you live in a world that is sometimes less than awesome; in fact, it can be downright horrible at times, you need to constantly ask yourself …

  • Am I being my own worst enemy in this situation?
  • Do I find it easier to forgive others than to forgive myself right now?


3 Self-alignment Tips to Believe in Your 'Awesome-ability' …

1.    Doubt Your Doubts [Kipling’s, ‘If’]

When full of self-recrimination, the human mind becomes a really desperate place. In a matter of moments, any small disagreement with anyone can escalate into a full-blown argument. No one is listening! Everybody loses!

William Shakespeare wrote, "Our doubts are traitors that make us lose the good we oft' might win ...". To silence negative thinking you must challenge your doubts by asking yourself, “Am I really that bad a person?” “Have I truly lost every available option?” “Am I willing to seek a 3rd outcome with this person?”

When sowing seeds, make sure you never, ever sow seeds of discontentment; doubt your doubts before you doubt your possibilities.

2.    Be Gentle with Yourself [Max Erhmann’s, ‘Desiderata’]

In this hectic Millennial life, we go to work 240 days in every year. And, we do this for at least 50% of our lives, either for ourselves or for someone else. 

Research into 'happiness' reveals that to find genuine fulfilment in your life, you must truly enjoy what you do ~ and not just work for the money.

Take a serious look at what motives you and decide to make any necessary changes to fulfil these desires. Seek professional career support if you feel it will help to identify your key *Motivating-Values (there are 12 of them)!

3.    Be a Good Finder [Edgar Albert Guest’s ‘It Couldn’t Be Done’]

"No other success in life can compensate for failure in the home" are profound words of a leading Christian and international motivational speaker.

Cultivating real thanks in your home can be difficult at times especially when things outside of it become challenging. Yet, failing to cultivate this truly life-enhancing attitude is one of the quickest ways to disassociate yourself from those who matter the most. After all, who are you going to work for? 

Is this all stuff and nonsense or beginning to ring true with you?

Remember: Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

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