19. Jul, 2017

Are You A Smart-device Junky?

Englands Nottingham Trent University conducted an experiment featuring 18 to 33-year-olds to determine if they knew how often they casually reached for their smart devices.

Go on, ask yourself how often do you reach for your device each day? 

If you think the research group reached for their devices a couple dozen times a day think again because it was nearly four times that stat'! 

With trackers fitted to their devices, the average use was more than 85-times a day, roughly equal to 5-hours ~ one-third of waking hours ~ simply fooling around with surfing or app's, with more time added when taking into account making/answering phone calls/texts.

An unrelated study out of the US (see link below) reveals the *Millenial phenomenon contributes to a whopping 80-99% of Americans now spending most of their awake hours indoors, creating a medical condition termed "Nature Deficit Disorder", and I would hazard a guess that we Brit's aren't far behind our Transatlantic cousins.

NDD disrupts the delicate mental/physical balance that keeps us productive adding significantly to the increasing incidence of depression (living too much in the past) and anxiety (living too much in the future), especially in the *young; it has been reported that more undergrads are suffering from anxiety than ever before.


Stepping outside your front door more often and turning off that device actually lifts your mood. Activities such as regular gardening and/or just walking in the country have a profoundly beneficial effect on your feeling-good-factor.

Based on the Japanese method of relaxation, the relatively new practice of Ecotherapy engages with nature to cultivate its health-giving properties that genuinely reduces depression and anxiety, improves the feeling of self-worth, returns blood pressure to normality and much more.

Smart Device Junky

If you reach for your smart-device the second you wake (and I don't mean to turn off the alarm), and it's the last thing you put down before you go to sleep, you may not realise that you have become a smart-device-junky.

Bet You Can't

Turn off your smart device between the hours of 6pm and 6am for one whole week!

*a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

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