27. Jul, 2017

I Don't Care What You Know Until I Know That You Care!

More Relationships Are Damaged And Business Lost Due To A Clash Of Personality!

The Bottom-line ~ 3-out-of-4 people multiply their career prospects, their income and their happiness by participating in our interpersonal skills workshops!  

What People Say ~ this enthusiastic event is highly recommended by all who experienced genuine surprise at the increase in positive outcomes at work, at home and at play. Properly assimilated, this quarterly reinforced programme absolutely enhances lifestyle, enables greater career opportunity, and engenders higher customer satisfaction by embracing the things that make others 'tick'. 

The Background ~ it was probably the Greek physician Hippocrates who first recorded primary behaviour whilst observing his patients. Twenty-five hundred years ago he believed the four types were determined by medical conditions. Modern research reveals primary personality is ‘imprinted’ on our sub-conscious minds when we are impressionably young ~ your personality was literally 'wired' by the time you reached your 5th birthday!

It was John Geire followed by JP Cleaver who developed an application of personality accommodation within workplace relationships built upon William Marston & Walter Clarke's pioneering work of the first half of the 20th century. My work in this field commenced in the early 1980’s under the tutelage of JP Cleaver, since when I have striven to simplify these incredibly beneficial principles for the understanding of every user within a business, social or domestic setting.

Todate, tens of millions of people have been profiled as possessing a predominant personality, and the demographics are clear: Cool/Tellers equal about 10% of the tested population; Cool/Askers = 20%; Warm/Tellers = 30%; and, Warm/Askers = 40%. 

Statistically, you have up to a 1-in-9 chance of not naturally hitting it off when you meet someone for the first time ~ the probable cause of damaged relationships at outset and lost business opportunity.

During our half-day workshop, you (your team) will learn to recognise the positives/negatives of each of the four primary personalities ~ HOW people want to do things. You will also be introduced to WHY people do things ~ motivating values. These skills are immediately adoptable!

Why Bother? ~ all of us rely on the cooperation of other people for accomplishment in the workplace and within career relationships, even at home. Without a genuine understanding of how someone truly wants to be related to, it is far less likely you will enjoy the higher rewards of a mutually beneficial relationship. 

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