3. Aug, 2017

Don't Intimidate Your Clients!

I am often asked, "How did you get started with this interpersonal skills stuff?"

My selling career began with a highly successful financial services company in the 1980s. Though my early effectiveness with potential new clients was acceptable to the organisation (*DSA average 1:3), I was not content to remain an also-ran!

Having 'graduated' from sales school I felt uncomfortable using the typical jargon and cliche taught, as it seemed insensitive to offer each quizzical individual the same pat answer.

After all, had not every professionally trained salesperson been taught the same words, phrases and techniques intended to 'overcome objections'?

There had to be a natural way of 'relating' to each individual from their personal perspective!

Then two things happened in quick succession. First, I was handed a recording of a **Million Dollar Round Table convention speaker, Donald F. Polley. And, second, I fell under the tutelage of a far sighted sales trainer [Louis Pasteur was correct when he stated, "Chance favours the prepared mind"].

Don Polley's inspirational talk was radically simple and based on what he called, 'The Broad Concept Interview'a counselling rather than selling method to help each client discover and agree their problems for themselves, as well as identify all possible solutions to resolve them; selecting the best one for them right now.

Also, my new trainer was experimenting with the fascinating field of Psychology in Selling; more specifically the different personalities and how each needs to be treated when making decisions.

Think of it this way, if I can help you discover what you want, will you argue with you

Nobody Likes Being Sold!

The combination of the Broad Concept Interview and learning how to accommodate human personality multiplied my productivity within 30-daysI had found what I was looking for by doing things the way the client wants to do them. I had multiplied my income and happiness in my career. 

The result, **MDRT Membership within my first full year of selling.

For more than 30-years now, I have coached and written about how to Accommodate Personality for a mutually beneficial outcome at work, rest and play; everyone wins.

Identify your own primary personalities through the four links found at the top of this page; then call to find out about your free half-day introductory workshop that multiplies your income and happiness within your chosen career.

* The Direct Selling Association (DSA) studies effectiveness within direct selling and has revealed the average effectiveness ratio between selling appointments is 1-in-3, suggesting a two call process, yields 1-sale-in-10-prospects.

** The Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is an international professional association formed in 1927 to help insurance brokers and financial advisors establish best business practices.