16. Aug, 2017

Being Grateful Helps You Live Longer

  1. Put your hand up if you've had bad experiences!
  2. Keep your hand up if you've had good experiences
  3. Put your hand down if you think you'll have both experiences in the future!

You may not know that somewhere between 2,500-3,000 years ago, what you think is what you get was recorded in the O.T.

Now, you've probably heard of the 'Attitude of Gratitude', which is based on Proverb 23:7, but did you know that "gratitude" is medically proven to help you live longer and enjoy yourself more along the way?

Gratitude involves affirming the good in your life; it recognizes the source(s) of that goodness be it people, places or events. It's the understanding that life owes you nothing and that the gifts of life must never be taken for granted.

It recognizes that come what may, we need to love it!

It's learning to say, "Yes, please" and "No thank you". It's learning to say, "Excuse me""Sorry" and, "Can I help you?" It's founded in common courtesy ~ that isn't very common. It's the man/boy who steps back, allowing a woman/girl to pass through a door first as he holds it open for her with a smile.

An increasing body of research affirms that sustained 'gratitude' actually increases personal satisfaction in everything we do. It even reduces anxiety and provides more energy.

Like each muscle in the body, gratitude becomes stronger the more we use it, and with every simple act of writing a thank-you note, remembering an acquaintance name, saying hello to a perfect 'stranger' and helping a less abled person, magnifies your feeling of gratitude.

As the prophet said, "Anyone who takes offense when it isn't intended is a fool. But, anyone who takes offense when it is intended is a greater fool" (see https://www.lds.org/scriptures/ot/prov/23?lang=eng )

But, why take my word for it? 

The next time anyone is having a go at you, let them finish what they are saying and quietly reply, "I appear to have offended you. How can I make it better?". The majority of times the grievance will melt away, and you will feel gratified.

REMEMBER Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!