14. Sep, 2017

You Feel! You Think! You Act!

The 19-century essayist Ralph Waldo Emmerson (1803-82) said, "That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do it is increased."

Try This:

  • Put your hand up if you have experienced bad stuff in the past!
  • Keep your hand up if you have experienced good stuff in the past!
  • Put your hand down if you expect to experience bad and good stuff in the future!

C'est la vie!

Too many of people, too often, stop short of putting into practice really good stuff and then complain nothing works for them; They Feel, They Don't Think and, They Re-Act!

Merely reading about how to be happier will never work unless you find positive things to practice 'happiness' every, single, day. As Emmerson said, "... our power to do it is increased".

Ancient philosophers knew a thing or two about prescribing ritual, that remains valid today, to re-train the human mind to accentuate a positive response; a process that has been described as Response-Ability. Closed communities, then as now, develop chants or 'mantra' to achieve the same state of concentration or meditation; an antidote to depression and anxiety!

Now, I'm not suggesting you run off and join any particular Order; but to help you raise your level of happiness you only need to change your perception (paradigm) of yourself. 

An effective method of doing this is to figure out how you would advise someone else in your situation ... 

  1. What counsel would you offer them
  2. What decisions would you suggest they make, postpone or cancel? 
  3. What habits would you suggest they replace with better ones? 
  4. What people, places and viewing material would you advise them to abandon? 
  5. What uplifting people, places and viewing material would you advise them to pursue?

Another incredibly empowering method for greater happiness is to instill a night time routine that helps you relax, review what happened to you today, and preview what will happen to you tomorrow; always accepting the not-so-good stuff as an opportunity to learn-and-grow ~ which can be brutal!

The reason you, as a Human Being, are at the top of the food chain is that you have the power to think, the power to reason, the power to change!

What You Think Is Truly What You Get!

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Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!