27. Sep, 2017

Life's Just Too Short!

Are you Chronically Dissatisfied with what you do?

If you answered “Yes you are in the majority and ...

  • As an employee, this is incredibly stressful! 
  • As an employer, this is incredibly costly!

Reporting in the Telegraph 2-years ago (Sept 2015), Rebecca Bum-Callander revealed that out of one-thousand, 18 to 55-year-old UK professionals sampled across the country by the London School of Business and Finance, more than half (55%) admitted they were malcontent in their present career. Using Sept 2017 figures from the Office Of National Statistics, this equates to a whopping 17+ million people who don’t like what they do for a living!

In this writers opinion, none of the above is surprising when, following a 2-year study, I've discovered our fallacious recruitment industry has convinced the Great British Employee/er to focus almost exclusively on WHAT someone has done for a living (capabilities) at the cost of WHY they work at all (motivation) and HOW he or she works with others (behaviour).

Now don’t get me wrong, assessing capability is important but, beyond a handful of preliminary filter questions, CAPABILITY is a very poor cousin to MOTIVATION & BEHAVIOURhence, my conviction that the UK Recruitment Industry is broken and expensive as it presently operates.

If you want to assess how you (or those you want to hire) will receive desired career rewards (motivation) and work with those people who bring out the best in them (behaviour), simply email john@uetp.co.uk and I’ll be in touch.

REMEMBER : Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!