24. Oct, 2017

Are You Ruled By Emotion?

The answer to the above question is, "It depends!"

Though everyone possesses emotion, research reveals 70% of people freely display how they are feeling through their facial expressions, their body gestures, and their voice tone, which means 30% don't; neither behaviour is inappropriate!

But, out of control emotion always has consequences ... read on ...

Emotion may be defined as "a strong feeling derived from a circumstance, mood, or relationship"Emotion is directly linked to Empathy, which may be defined as "the ability to understand and share feelings". 

Emotion & Empathy are, therefore, inseparable and determine one's self-worth!

If we habitually cave-in or snap under pressure, or if we habitually can't disentangle ourselves from being at-one-with-the-couch, we are held hostage by our emotions; THEY control US!

Conversely, if any of us accept stuff happens but that we always control the outcome of how we are feeling by keeping the pros and cons of a situation in perspective, our capacity to manage our emotions must increase for the better, and we will *perform ever more effectively, even under stress, as we unleash our true potential!

Check Out The Following ...

1) Self-Aware ~ several times a week, do you set-aside time to reflect on who you are BECOMING?

2) Motivate ~ are you doing what you really CHOOSE to do for a living?

3) Self-Regulate ~ are your deepest values being satisfied by your VISION of the future?

4) Empathy ~ do you routinely and genuinely pay attention to how OTHERS are feeling?

5) Social Skills ~ are you getting better at actively LISTENING to those who are not yet good at managing their own emotions?

To learn more about the simple steps of practising Emotional 'Intelligence', reply 'YES' to john@uetp.co.uk 

*WARNING: if what you are doing persistently creates excessive stress, even though you may be managing it well, you need to seriously think about a lifestyle change.  

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!