6. Nov, 2017

The Reality Of Truth

Acknowledgement: I am grateful to Dr Joseph Mercole (mercola.com) for an evocative article.
Disclaimer: This article is not intended to promote the illicit or illegal use of mind-altering substances and is purely offered as an insight into the responses of those involved in the making of this film.  
If You Have Ever Wondered,"When Will I Find Peace?" Watch This Film (69mins)!
Watch It Without Judgment! 
Watch It To The End!
Tell Me What You Thought Or Felt!
In A Nutshell
  • Science suggests psychedelic plants may have psychiatric benefits worth exploring. Studies reveal a single dose has the power to erase anxiety and depression in cancer patients
  • “The Reality of Truth” explores how psychotropic drugs can enhance your understanding of reality and ability to be happy and at peace
  • Psychotropic plants can induce dramatically altered states of consciousness that correlate to religious or spiritual experiences, which are part of being a whole human being
  • Transcendental states can also be induced through meditation. Transcendental meditation has been shown to generate inner peace, harmony and happiness ~ regardless of outer circumstances ~ and improve emotional resilience (the ability to bounce back from stress)
  • For every emotion, there’s a corresponding rhythm of breath; by regulating your breathing, you regulate your emotions. Certain breathing techniques can also help you enter into a psychedelic-like, transcendental state
Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!
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