15. Nov, 2017

Forgiveness Is An Illusion!

What is your first reaction to the above statement? Did you have a natural *egocentric response?

Let's examine this proposal ...

To demand or proffer 'forgiveness', you/someone must perceive an offence!

To be 'offended' ~ meaning, annoyance or resentment ~ wrong-mindedness (ego) rules right-mindedness (considered response).

Therefore, to desire forgiveness, we must have consented to feel offended by something or someone in the first place, which is our choice! 

Brigham Young said, "Anyone who takes offence when it was NOT intended is a fool!" COR LUMMY!

"But, anyone who takes offence when it WAS intended is a greater fool!" OUCH!

Ergo ~ Forgiveness Is An Illusion!

Do let me have your thoughts.

*perceived center of your experiences

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!