3. Jan, 2018

Think To Thank

In these three simple words, everyone has the finest capsule course for a happy marriage, the formula for enduring friendships, and a pattern of greater success.

In this simple expression, everyone has a choice!

  • Thinking is to thank those we love ~ every single day!
  • Thinking is to give thanks during each journey ~ not just at its end!
  • Thinking is to thank God ~ whatever you conceive Him to be ~ in all things!

As we think to thank at all times, we will feel gratitude grow within our daily living. As we think to thank, our spirits will rise and our perspectives will broaden as we choose to be grateful ~ no matter what.

  • Thinking to thank uplifts us during difficult times
  • Thinking to thank dispels anxiety
  • Thinking to thank draws us closer to all who love us
  • Thinking to thank unleashes our true potential

Do have a very happy and prosperous New Year 

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Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!