17. Jan, 2018


If you work your career, job or business 100% of your set-apart hours, you will never unleash your full potential!

Ouch! How Come? 

Because everyone who obtains and remains accomplished Plans ‘La-La-Time”

La-La-Timers dream; La-La-Timers imagine what they will become; La-La-Timers think what they can do better, quicker, less-costly and in greater abundance; La-La-Timers believe in impossibility thinking.

  • Those who practice La-La-Time, enjoy higher emotional intelligence
  • Those who practice La-La-Time, feel good about themselves
  • Those who practice La-La-Time, leave a legacy for others to follow, to enjoy, and to inherit
  • Those who practice La-La-Time, teach others to do the same

The Alternative!

You’ll go from home-to-work and work-to-home five or six or even seven days a week; you’ll keep on doing the same old, same old for 10, 20, 40 years and then ... WHAM!  

You wake up one morning with two-thirds of your life behind you; the kids are gone; you have a mortgage-free home with a three-year-old car on the drive. And, you wonder what the heck happened!!

La-La-Timers Practice Intre-preneurship!

Intre-preneurs are ordinary people who set aside 20% (that’s one whole week-day each week) to read, to ponder, to imagine, to think, to research, to study and, dare I say, to pray about becoming!

·        It’s the employee who is organised enough to invest 20% of their work-time to ‘invent’

·        It’s the entrepreneur who is bold enough to invest 20% of their work-time to ‘imagine’

·        It’s everyone who produces 100% of their desired product in 80% of their set-aside work-time

If you are invariably maxed-out, emotionally exhausted, frustrated or anxious about the future; if you don’t plan time to explore possibilities with other Intre-preneurs, YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE!

So, keep doing what you’re doing OR learn how to become an INTRE-PRENEUR!

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Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!