24. Jan, 2018

Do Your People Push Products?

BEWARE The Following Will Multiply The Productivity and Happiness of Your People ~ Only If You Act Upon It!

A while ago when enjoying a lunchtime conversation, a catering sales rep' entered the establishment to be warmly greeted by the restaurateur who exclaimed he was glad to see him.

Rather than ask what the restaurateur had on his mind, he launched straight into a product-pitch of his company’s best offers.

Minutes later he was still rabbiting on and the restaurateur had a glazed look on his face.

The Moral of The Story

It is always very expensive and a complete waste of time for people to jump into what they know BEFORE they establish the SOCIAL STYLE that makes someone feel comfortable.

AND there are 4-Primary Social Styles with 12-Back-up Styles to accommodate. ONLY then, DISCOVER & AGREE the concerns the customer wants to resolve.

THE Keys to Effective Mutual Outcome are:

  • First, *RELATE
  • Then, DISCOVER
  • Before you, ADVOCATE
  • And, SUPPORT

Choose Your Trainer Before you Choose Your Training!! Call me!

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

*social style is easily identified within 30-seconds of a meeting provided you know what to look for