1. Feb, 2018

How People Make Decisions

If you’ve heard of the *Direct Selling Association (DSA) you’ll know they calculate ratios of sales-effectiveness across trade associations in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

But, you may not know the average sales-effectiveness ratio with NEW Customers is a paltry 1:3? 

If your business adopts a 2-call process this means you obtain new business 1-in-9 (3x3) attempts so the average salesperson fails between 66-87.5% with NEW customers.

After decades of working with salespeople, man-managers, recruiters and trainers, I can tell you why!

If you’ve kept an eye on T4TWs over the years and popped into www.uetp2016.co.uk from time-to-time, you’ll know I totally subscribe to the view that to maximise everyday interaction, people are fundamentally identified as one of Four Primary Personalities (PP).

As a trained people-watcher you too will increase your ability to RELATE to each Primary Personality within 60-seconds of meeting them, and so multiply THEIR chances of getting along with YOU.

Beneficial Outcomes

  • If you are in business or selling, recruitment or training personality awareness is critical to your profit-line or productivity
  • If you are a teacher, a religious minister, or a presenter personality awareness will multiply your audience connectivity
  • If you are a doctor or a parent, patients and children will like themselves best when they are with you!


Between 25-35% of people put a TASK before the PEOPLE involved. They want to know you are competence before they want to be friendly. Two of the four PPs are within this category but don't make important decisions in the same way.

The remainder, between 65-75% of people put the PEOPLE involved before a TASK. They want you to get to know them ‘personally’ before they will want to know what you can do for them. The other two of the four PPs are within this category and once again they make decisions differently.

So, how does each PP actually make an important decision to act?

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