15. Feb, 2018


"A wise person never ever stops learning: a person of understanding will attain wise counsels"

Thanks to all who've been following T4TW No.172 from the start as I introduce you to people who predominantly put TASKS before people, and those who put PEOPLE before tasks.

If you have been actively applying these inter-personal insights at home, work and in business, you'll be enjoying more win/win relationships with all the associated benefits. 

Last week we looked at the two groups within the TASK Community. This week we'll look at the two groups within the PEOPLE Community (see above headings for an additional overview).  

We now know between 25-35% of the profiled population are TASK orientated, which leaves 65-75% who are PEOPLE orientated, meaning they are emotionally WARM. So be sure to defer business issues until you have got the social stuff established. 

To Establish A WARM Relationship You Must:

  • ask them about their story ~ work, rest and play
  • tell them something about you (not the business stuff, yet)
  • remain friendly, even cheery

Decisions, Decisions:

Though each is sincerely interested in YOUR story viz. the personal stuff about you, the WARM / TELLER predominantly likes to have FUN along the way, whilst the WARM / ASKER is predominantly SHY and needs reassurance that you really want to know about the people who are IMPORTANT to THEM

Remember, you must accommodate THEIR NEEDS first or they may disconnect from YOU.

The WARM / TELLER tends to be COLLABORATIVE so an effective strategy would be to offer ANECDOTES about those who have used your products or services. Keep things meaningful to them but LIGHT-HEARTED.

The WARM / ASKER tends to CAPITULATE when pressed rather than make outright decisions. Be prepared to HELP them 'decide'. 

Over the past 3-weeks, we've been looking at the 1st of 4 critical steps to establish a mutually beneficial relationship viz. RELATE.

Over the next few weeks, we shall look at the 2nd of the 4 critical steps viz. DISCOVER (& AGREE).

Thanks to everyone seeking greater insight so, keep your comments and questions coming.

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!