8. Mar, 2018

Why Is ADVOCATING The Solution So Important?

During the past few weeks, you've been introduced to THE most Effective Communication's Process in the whole World, the Universe and Everything (probably), viz:


This is no shallow claim when considering the hundreds of variations on the above theme being marketed to the less aware at inflated costs: every one of them having roots in this ever-so-simple model!

So far you've been introduced to:

  • RELATING to the TASK Community
  • RELATING to the PEOPLE Community
  • DISCOVERY with its essential partner AGREEMENT

Today, I'll introduce you to ADVOCATE ~ or how to present SOLUTION(s) 'effectively' to each personality who has DISCOVERED  ~ for themselves ~ they have PROBLEM(s) as well as AGREED ~ with themselves ~ it is their personal responsibility to RESOLVE it/them!

So what does it mean to ADVOCATE the SOLUTION? 

Probably the best definition is 'a person who puts a case on someone else's behalf" because this expresses taking THEIR personality into account viz. 'someone else's'!

Whereas all effective SOLUTIONS possess elements of What?, Who?, How? and Why? each of the four Primary Personalities will best respond when YOU EMPHASISE THIER principal interest.


  • The COOL/TELLER (Task Community) ~ principally wants to focus on WHAT your SOLUTION does (and you would be wise to offer a positive alternative, too)
  • The WARM/TELLER (People Community) ~ principally wants to focus on WHO else has benefited from your SOLUTION
  • The COOL/ASKER (Task Community) ~ principally wants to focus on HOW your SOLUTION is put together (process)
  • The WARM/ASKER (People Community) ~ principally wants to focus on WHY your SOLUTION is the best for them and those they care about

For greater insight into how you put the above into practice for greater mutually beneficial outcomes, call John on 07900 251258 or email your interest to john@uetp.co.uk

Next week I shall introduce the final essential step in THE process viz. SUPPORTING their decision(s) to act.

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!