27. Mar, 2018

SUPPORT or What Happens After The Transaction!

Of our four highly effective steps in human interaction we've looked at:


Today, let's look at what happens AFTER the initial conversation, email, text or business transaction is over viz. SUPPORT

Research reveals the BIGGEST let-down in human interaction is lack of follow-through and not surprisingly it is on the list of THE Top-5 failings in business; let me explain ...

  • When you receive friends for a social occasion, how many of them sent you a THANK YOU note?
  • When you ask someone to do something at work or at home, how many of them get it EXACTLY right the first time, without a note?
  • When you made a significant purchase, how many businesses follow up with a CUSTOMER WELCOME ABOARD note?

So what does SUPPORT mean?

  • It means reassuring someone their 'DECISION' remains effective
  • It means reinforcing someone their 'AGREEMENT' remains appropriate
  • It means recognising someones 'PRIMARY PERSONALITY' (back to RELATE) in the written word, too

In simple terms, SUPPORT is the glue that keeps decision-making with YOU intact until the next time decisions need to be made.

  • If you already do it, keep on doing it!
  • If you don't, you may lose 'relationships' to someone who does! 

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