20. Apr, 2018

Why Sales Scripts Don't Work!

Whenever I'm asked to write or re-write a sales script for a client, I deliberately pause with a smile until the other has to ask what's so funny. 

After more than 30-years as a Consultant Trainer, I know scripting reflects organizational cultures that have weak or non-existent inter-personal skills training programmes!

THE 4 Psychological Facts:

1. Scripts seldom allow someone to be themselves. There are four Primary Personalities with twelve back up personalities in this world. Imposing one socially styled script upon another fails to allow them to create a positive environment to accommodate the psychological needs of the party to be engaged

2. Scripts require someone to follow someone else's idea of word-play. Such weak ‘training’ is inevitably the result of the outmoded idea of presenting a unique selling point (USP) and seldom, if ever, addresses the needs and wants of the other person nor, indeed, the needs and wants of the person opening the conversation

3. Scripts place immense pressure on the speaker as well as the listener, which inevitably inhibits spontaneity

4. Scripts stifle listening! Far too frequently when watching someone who is not a professional actor recite lines, we become subconsciously so concerned about getting the words right, we fail to focus on and listen to the other person ~ we become robotic

The above facts make the use of scripts, for the intelligent business, totally redundant.

So let me ask you three questions:

1. Do you know how much business you lose because you do not effectively coach inter-personal skills?

2. Do you truly understand the pressure you place on your business, your staff, and your customers because your people do not accommodate primary personality?

3. Do you truly comprehend how scripting turns-off listening?

 If you don’t know the answers to the above questions, it is YOUR organizational responsibility to find out ~ TODAY! 

"To thine own self, be true" [Polonius in Hamlet, Act I, Scene III]

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