1. May, 2018

WORKSHOP ~ I Like Me Best When I'm With You!

The What ~ A whopping 75% of those who experience UETP interpersonal skills awareness significantly multiply their income and happiness as a result!

A bold claim substantiated by all who assimilate its content, and enjoy an appreciable increase in personal productivity within the first 30-days of their initial event,. Ever-growing *empathy results when undertaking the on-going UETP quarterly events!

The Who ~ These enthusiastic, hands-on events testify to the emotional and financial reward offered through inter-personal skills awareness that enriches family life, social circles, and career. Customer success magnifies without the need to apply dubious ‘selling techniques’ and our best students enjoy the greatest of all accolades from those they engage with, “I like me best when I’m with you”.

The How ~ The 5th Century BC Greek physician Hippocrates was probably the first to identify personality traits when observing his patients. He thought personality came about through physical conditions or bodily 'vapours' or 'humours'. We know today, each of the four predominant personalities is essentially established by the influence of family and each of us is generally 'wired' by our 5th birthday. 

In the first half of the twentieth century, William Marston, and Walter Clarke developed the DOMINANCE-INDUCEMENT-SUBMISSION-COMPLIANCE or DISC model, which defines to accommodate day-to-day human interaction. With great success, John Geire and John Cleaver applied Marston and Clarke's modeling to the workplace to significantly enhance productivity through the appropriate assignment of specific job-roles to specific personality types.

My work in this field commenced under the tutelage of Professor John Cleaver in the early 80s, since when I have striven to simplify these principles so every family, business, teacher, doctor, clergyman et al may enhance existing relationship skills to magnify better outcomes at home, within their work, and social circles. 

To-date, tens of millions of people have been associated with one of the four predominant personalities, with each respective group typically representing 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% of the profiled population. Statistically, therefore, you have a 60-90% chance of meeting someone, not of your own personality, most often the true cause of conflicting outcomes (see the above headings).

By arrangement, your initial UETP Workshop will last 4-hours, during which time you will be introduced to your own predominant personality viz. HOW you do things, habitually! You will also meet your current motivational hot-buttons viz. WHY you do things, right now! 

At the conclusion of this empowering subject, you will ‘Take Home’ an outline of your personal plan to assimilate these principles to immediately magnify your interpersonal effectiveness. Future workshops will enhance greater application of these skills.

The Why ~ Almost everything you accomplish is gained with and through other people. With no clear understanding of how someone else makes 'decisions', you are more likely to antagonize, rather than help them discover and agree their needs and wants. This is true of relationships at home, in every business interaction, and within your career progression. Literally, you become other peoples proponent or opponent, and learning to get along with more people, more often benefits all involved.

Email john@uetp.co.uk or call 00 44 7900 251 258 for workshop details and costings. 

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!

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* rooted in the word pathos which is the projection of one's personality into and full comprehension of the object of contemplation

WARNING: Personality awareness requires sustained commitment and effort, as well as the determination to unleash one's true potential. This workshop is not for the faint-hearted!