22. May, 2018

Our Doubts Are Traitors ...

... that make us lose the good we oft' might win by fearing to attempt" William Shakespeare [1564-1616]

“He Said I Should Build A Better World …

Shakespeare knew that when we permit it, our ego has a strange notion of time and this is where our questioning might well begin.

The human ego is rarely our friend because it heavily invests in what we have done or not done in the past. It believes our past “time” is the only aspect of that which is meaningful to us right now.

This is why ego essentially recalls feelings of inadequacy, even guilt, as it locks-in its continuity by perpetuating a negative self-image that we will only repeat more failed attempts.

“I Said I Would, But How?

By submitting to the notion of paying for your past in your future, you consent to your ego determining what you shall become!

As your here-and-now has no meaning to it, the ego cannot tolerate release from its past and, though the past has gone, the ego tries to preserve its image by responding as if the past were still present. This is the substance of all doubt!

“The World is Big And Cold And Complicated Now ...

If you succumb only to the dictates of your ego, you will always react to people as something to attack and this must surely prevent you from recognising the true value of human affection and love at home and at work.

You will translate someone's message to you from your own sense of defence making your perception of it “real” in-the-moment and in that process forbid yourself from letting go your ego and so your doubts and fears and even nightmares linger.

“And, I Am Only One …

Being in touch with your inner self, your true value, your real worth opposes ego and teaches you to recognise and accept yourself without comparison of or complaint towards others.

This "real" perception of your presence assigns to the waste-bin your egos determination to perpetuate historic error. You will and must forgive yourself to begin "today" with integrity!

“There Is Nothing I Can Do!

It is only in the reality of the present, without compunction of past or future, that unleashes everyone's true potential.

For only “now” is with you, and only “now” presents you with an opportunity of becoming!

“He Said, Yes There Is …

If you permit your ego to interpret you as destructive you will always lose sight of the present holding on to a past that ensures a destructive future.

“You Can Build A Better, YOU!

Time is always as you perceive it, because of itself, time is meaningless!

You have a right to be here.

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!