31. May, 2018

Your FREE Copy of One of Two Workbooks

Summer Special Offer (June Only)

For the month of June only, receive a FREE pdf copy of one of two popular workbooks:

  • BEST YOU Part 1: Who Do I Think I Am? ~ Say Hello To Your Primary Personality (RRP £9.95)
  • BEST YOU Part 6: Counsellor Selling ~ Putting Your Customer 1st! (RRP £19.95)

Synopsis ~ Who Do I Think I Am?

Do you ever wonder why others don't always see things as you do? Have you ever felt someone was too bossy, too excitable, too timid or too detailed?

Though each of us is made up of the same 'star-stuff', we each habitually display 1-of-4 predominant personalities to the world.

Understanding your own personality strengths & limitations allows you to accommodate other peoples strengths & limitations for a mutually beneficial outcome.

Why leave important relationships, inside and outside of your work or career, to chance?

Synopsis ~ Counsellor Selling

Elections are never fought on the things that can be measured. They are fought on the attitudes, feelings and beliefs of those who will be voting.

In the same way, people don't 'buy' on the hard facts of your product or service but on their attitudes, their feelings and their desire to accept your solution.

Counsellor Selling enables a salesperson to collaborate with every customer on a mutual voyage of discovery and agreement. A 'relationship' journey that provides the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Never 'sell' me anything!


Titles of available workbooks 

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