22. Jun, 2018

Do YOU Perpetuate YOUR Problems?

It's natural for you to feel emotionally down when a new 'problem' smacks you in the face, provided you don't keep revisiting it over and over and over and over, again!

You see, the human mind cannot focus on more than one thing at one time, so the more you dwell on a known problem ~ what isn't working for you or what seems beyond your control the less opportunity your mind has to seek solutions to resolve that 'problem'.

Creativity is never logical! 

When it comes to brain biochemistry, disciplining your thoughts to focus only on solutions keeps the problem in sharp relief. Your mind considers possibilities that it will work on during your quiet time, your sleep and your discussions. 

And, if you're crazy enough to keep seeking a solution, as Thomas Edison was, You Must Inevitably Find It! 

For example ~ your once flourishing business is starting to taper off. Suppliers are becoming less reliable. Customers don't seem to want to spend their money on your products and services, and the media is prattling on about another recession.

So what do you do? 

You can set your mind to seek alternative producers and new outlets? You can rally the 'troops' for a possibility thinking? Or, you can lose sleep worrying you may not be in business in six months or a year from now?

Whatever the eventuality, which of the above thinking do you feel will best harness your creativity together with the creativity of others around you?  

So. STOP Thinking About A Problem Once You Know It Exists! And, reap the harvest from possibility thinking!

Complicated Is Easy! Simple Is Hard!


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